AG infrastructure

589 km of infrasracture

EC Hagit Power station – 1,010MW

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Margal Systems Ltd. was founded in 1977 and currently is one of Israel’s largest firms in the field of electrical projects and maintenance.

Our specialization relies on electrical planning, construction and maintenance of electrical installations e.g. power station infrastructure, transmission lines, road and tunnel lighting, control and communications systems, runway and railway systems.

Our solutions include cutting-edge technology and high quality engineering, which provides a highly professional and efficient operation and service, while keeping to tight schedules and carrying out extremely complex projects.

Our projects are carried out according to the high standards of quality control and excellence in planning and implementation, and with compliance to the strictest safety and environmental standards.

Margal Systems holds an ISO 9001 certification of the Standards Institution of Israel, and is a registered contractor with the unlimited classification for electricity, lighting, communications and control system projects.

Our company is recognized as eligible for government projects and is an approved contractor for all of the commercial communications companies in Israel.

The company is authorized by the major financing institutions in Israel as an EPC for construction of energy-producing installations.

In order to meet the highest standards, Margal Systems holds a highly skilled group of professionals divided by specialization fields as an Engineering Department that employs electrical, civil and machinery engineers; a Quality Control Department; a Project Management Department; construction, implementation, and maintenance teams; a mechanical engineering equipment, and routine subcontractor

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